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Hot Tuna Westbury, NY 8/30/08

I didn't plan on going to Hot Tuna at Westbury's Capital One Bank Theatre in New York on 8/30/08. When I got home from work my buddy Tom Thumb called and said he had an extra ticket for me if I wanted it. No Brainer! "I'm there", I said. Westbury is a hop, skip, and jump from where I live so It's nice and easy for me. A pleasant surprise was that David Lindley opened up. Wow! I've never seen him and I'm not familiar with his solo stuff, but am aware of his studio work with the likes of Jackson Browne, Crosby Stills and Nash, James Taylor, Linda Rondstadt, Bob Dylan, Rod Stewart, Ry Cooder, and a slew of other big names. He really impressed me! Don't under estimate this guys talent. What a great act for an opener. I'll definitely look for some of his recordings. He's an amazing acoustic guitar, dobro, pedal steele, etc. player, as well as a great vocalist with a very unique earthy quality to his voice. If you get a chance to see this living legend don't pass it up!

Hot Tuna was in top form. I always love to see Jack and Jorma in any configuration and the Trio with Barry Mitterhoff has really developed into quite a potent mix for any Hot Tuna fan (or any fan of Blues, Old Time Music, Folk, or Bluegrass). I've seen this lineup a number of times over the last few years and I'm enjoying them more and more each time. At first I felt that Mitterhoff's mandolin solos took away from the quantity of Jorma's solos. For me less Jorma equals less satisfaction. But now either I've gotten used to the mandolin being a part of Hot Tuna's sound or Barry just kind of fits in better over time. He really can play! And he sounds like he fits Tuna's sound like a glove now. I never really caught on to Michael Falzarano's guitar playing with Hot Tuna (or The Memphis Pilgrims, or The New Riders). I felt he really took away from the Hot Tuna sound. But Barry Mitterhoff really lends that "Old Time Sound" to the music and has proven to be a valuable member of the band. I do miss Pete Sears keyboards though. I think it would be nice if Jorma and Jack Casady would do a little duet section like they did in Jefferson Airplane and the Electric Hot Tuna lineups, but you can't always get what you want. Just be happy we still have these incredible musicians to hear after 50 years playing together. That boggles my mind Man!

Thanks to Tom Thumb: Peace Brother

Here's the setlist:

1. True Religion
2. Parchman Farm
3. Keep Your Lamps Trimmed & Burning
4. The Terrible Operation
5. Nashville Blues
6. Sea Child
7. Serpent Of Dreams
8. More Than My Old Guitar
9. Hesitation Blues
10. Bread Line Blues
11. Come Back Baby
12. Good Shepherd
13. Full Go Round
14. Nine Pound Hammer
15. Encore: Embryonic Journey

Note: Setlist taken from Jorma Kaukonens Blog

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