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Wolfgang's Vault: Bill Graham's Legacy

At the expense of outright "plugging" something I'd like to tell you guys about a really great site I've been going to to stream live music and to check out some cool stuff that I wish I could afford to buy. Check out Wolfgang's Vault Home page for all types of hip memorabilia from The 60's and 70's. You'll find stuff like Vintage Tickets from cool shows, Poster Art, and Photography from really cool sources. You can Stream (for free) lots of Live Shows; from Santana to Frank Zappa to The Beach Boys, and of course The Dead. The more I check out this site the more I find. You can also Download live shows for a small fee, usually under Ten Dollars for a complete show. I've been streaming some Band shows from 1976 and 74' that sound great. Bill Graham knew how to put on the good stuff, and Wolfgang's Vault carries on this tradittion in a really cool way in his name. Check it out. You're gonna keep going back for more.


Mickey Hart Summer Tour

Mickey Hart recently announced a whole bunch of shows with George Porter Jr and Steve Kimock. Sounds pretty intriguing to me. They'll be playing at The Fillmore NY @ Irving Plaza, the new Live Nation aquisition. These are my local shows but they'll be coming to a theatre near you too. Go HERE for more info where the tour will go.

Search Here for tickets if you'd like.
Concert Tickets


Ratdog at the Beacon Theatre Setlists

Here are the setlists from the three Beacon Theatre Ratdog shows. They're taken from the official site of Ratdog. If you were at any of the shows let us know what you thought. Read my review of Saturday nights show in the previous post. I downloaded the first night at and it's definately a keeper.


1st Set: Jam > Shakedown Street > Minglewood Blues > Queen Jane Approximately > Loser > Money for Gasoline, Bird Song* > Tuesday Blues* > Iko Iko*
2nd Set: Catfish John@, Franklin's Tower@, I Need a Miracle > Uncle John's Band* > He's Gone > Stuff+# > Sugaree# > Bird Song (reprise)# > Turn On Your Lovelight+#%$
E: Touch of Grey+
*-with Jimmy Herring (Guitar); +-with Tom Pope (Drums); #-with Warren Haynes (Guitar/Vocals); %-with Steve Molitz (Keyboards); $-with Dana Fuchs (Vocals/Tambourine); Jay on percussion box for "Franklin's"; Stuff - Jay/Tom > Jay/Tom/Kenny/Jeff/Jay/Robin > all/Warren


1st Set: Jam > Playin in the Band > Tomorrow Never Knows > Tennessee Jed, Sitting in Limbo > West L.A. Fadeaway, Even So > October Queen > The Deep End > Big Railroad Blues
2nd Set: K.C. Moan@4, A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall, The Weight@*, Eyes of the World+#, The River Song*+#%$^ > Stuff > Dear Prudence* > China Cat Sunflower% > I Know You Rider%
E: Casey Jones%
*-with Dana Fuchs (Vocals/Tambourine); +-with George Garzone (Saxophone); #-with Doug Yates (Saxophone); %-with Dred Scott (Keys); $-with Chris Burger (Vocals); ^-with Zacariah Mose (Vocals); Jay on percussion box for "KC Moan"
Only ''The River Song''; Previous ''Sitting in Limbo'' 3/19/2007 [61 shows]
(Kenny Brooks's 550th Show)


1st Set: Jam > Help on the Way > Slipknot! > Maggie's Farm, Row Jimmy, Dark Star > Weather Report Suite Prelude/Part 1 > Let It Grow
2nd Set: You Win Again@5, City Girls@, Victim or the Crime@, Lazy River Road > Jack Straw > Dark Star > Stuff, Days Between > Two Djinn > Slipknot! > Franklin's Tower
E: One More Saturday Night
Bob before ''City Girls'': "This one's dedicated to a bunch of you out there and you know who you are."; "River Song" choruses during "Franklin's"; Stuff - Jeff/Jay/Kenny/Robin > Jeff/Jay(keys)/Kenny/Robin/MK(drums) > Jeff/Jay/Kenny/Robin > Jay/Mark(drums) > Jeff/Jay/Kenny/Robin/MK > all
(Jeff Chimenti's 700th Show)

Download 4/4/08 at ratdog, the beacon theater, new york, ny 2008-04-04


Ratdog At The Beacon Theatre

I went Saturday night 4/5/08. I thought it was a great show. Other people who saw multiple shows were not as impressed as me. I guess it's all relative. I made the most of it since I could only go to one show. It helped to be in the first row where there's a different kinda energy coming off the stage up close. Thought the opener Help-Slipknot was strong. The segway into Maggies Farm was a letdown although Maggies Farm was still good. The rest of the First set was strong to say the least; Row Jimmy, Dark Star > Weather Report Suite Prelude/Part 1 > Let It Grow. No complaints there.

Bob Weir Ratdog Beacon Theatre April 08
The second set started with the usual acoustic endevour. You Win Again was nice to hear Bobby sing (some others would beg to differ, oh well; their problem) and well done. I always enjoy the sleazy City Girls, this version going into a really hot jam!!! Victim or the Crime was real hot too. Bobby trades in his acoustic for an electric and they play a laid back Lazy River Road. I also don't mind Bobby's voice on this Jerry ballad, but some people complain they can't deal with his edge on certain songs of Jerry's. I have no problem here. Just brings a different emotion or angle to these great songs he's keeping alive. Mark Karan's playing on Lazy River was really sweet and remeniscent of Jerry, and for me struck a cord. It's the first time I saw Mark since his return and felt his playing was impressive, even poignant at times, this being one of them. Great to see him back. The rest of the second set (just like the end of the first set) was strong -> Jack Straw > Dark Star > Stuff, Days Between > Two Djinn > Slipknot! > Franklin's Tower. Encore: One More Saturday Night. Jack straw was a nice second set surprise. The rest of the set was really hot. Once again I loved the Days Between but some have problems with it. I thought Bobby's delivery of it was suiting to Hunters lyrics. Almost haunting. It's that kind of a song though. Phil's interpretation, I always felt, was haunting too (not to mention Jerry's).
Bob Weir Ratdog Beacon Theatre April 08
All in all a good strong show. Wish I coulda done all three, but happy and Grateful I could make it to at least one. Hope ya like the photos I shot. Rare that I bring a camera in. A little blurry, but I never said I was a concert photographer.

As for Bobby "Thanks, for a real good time!"


70's Popular Music Quiz

A friend emailed this neat 70's Music Quiz link to me. I thought it was fun. It brought back lots of cool memories for me. Follow the link and take the quiz yourself. There are also other music era's by decade available there. Check it out.

I scored a Dynomite
95% on the


Spring Tour In The Air

It was wierd. The first couple of years after Jerry died I felt like each change of season should have been accompanied by a tour. I hadn't really noticed that that was how I'd been marking time; Spring Tour, Summer Tour, Fall Tour. I was too busy having such a real good time to realize. Once the party was over it was so heavy around the change of seasons without having a tour to plan. Spring time always kinda felt and smelled like the Carnival we called The Dead were on their way. We were on auto-pilot so long that even not doing mailorder at certain times in the year seemed strange. I still always think about that this time of year. Although I am Grateful we still have Ratdog and Phil and Friends shows to look forward to (usually at regular times in the year) it's not quite the same. Kinda sad about the Allman's having to cancel the Beacon shows too (they'll probably reschedule for September I hear). I just hope Greg gets better soon. Just goes to show; enjoy the ride while you can. Have a nice trip, see ya next Fall.