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Spring Tour In The Air

It was wierd. The first couple of years after Jerry died I felt like each change of season should have been accompanied by a tour. I hadn't really noticed that that was how I'd been marking time; Spring Tour, Summer Tour, Fall Tour. I was too busy having such a real good time to realize. Once the party was over it was so heavy around the change of seasons without having a tour to plan. Spring time always kinda felt and smelled like the Carnival we called The Dead were on their way. We were on auto-pilot so long that even not doing mailorder at certain times in the year seemed strange. I still always think about that this time of year. Although I am Grateful we still have Ratdog and Phil and Friends shows to look forward to (usually at regular times in the year) it's not quite the same. Kinda sad about the Allman's having to cancel the Beacon shows too (they'll probably reschedule for September I hear). I just hope Greg gets better soon. Just goes to show; enjoy the ride while you can. Have a nice trip, see ya next Fall.

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icepetal said...

Love your stories from back in the touring days. It's a slice of life and culture that may never be duplicated again. Great to be documenting these thoughts here.

These days, I find myself marking the passage of seasons by revisiting the seasonal tours on tape (May 1978!!!!).