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Growing Up Dead But Grateful

When I was growing up my friends used to ask me why all I listened to was the Grateful Dead. My response always was something like "Hey Man, I listen to lots of other music! I LOVE the Jerry Garcia Band, and I just went to go see Bobby & The Midnights last night". That's how I was ever since I was bit by the bug. And that's the way I remain to this day. But, ironically, the very thing that seemed to limit my musical horizons, at the time, was what ultimately turned me on to so many other musical styles (and continues to). There was no way you could listen to Jerry and the Boys without some Bluegrass, Jazz, Blues, Reggae, Country, Folk, RnB etc. rubbin' off on you. And it did. Why else would a 17 year old kid go out looking for Etta James records or some Bill Monroe? It definitely had a huge influence on what I listened to; and also where I travelled, later on. If it weren't for the Dead I never would have gone to some of the cities I went to all across the U.S. My parents thought I was at college in Connecticut and meanwhile I was in Rhode Island or Massachusetts seeing a show.

I'll continue with my ramblings on the Dead and other musical adventures as often as I can. If you have any inclination to expand on my posts or just reflect on your own experiences with the Dead, Jambands, or any other music scene (or life scene) on your mind, feel free. Talk to ya soon...and stay in touch.

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