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Bob Weir Is Scaring The Children In Brooklyn

Last week I had the opportunity to go see Bob Weir's Scaring The Children in Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Bowl. Unfortunately I had to pass it up. But I did download the show at and since today is Weir's birthday - Happy 62nd Bobby - I popped it in for a listen. Well, just like anytime I skip a show and listen to it later, I regret not going. After speaking to some friends that were there and reading a bit on Brooklyn Bowl's website I figured I'd write a bit on it.

Doors opened at 6PM and the show was supposed to start at 9. But since game 3 of the Yankee's Divisional Series was on, the show didn't start till after 10. This gave people plenty of time to Bowl, Eat, Drink, and be merry. And I heard that BB (owned by the previous owners of Wetlands where I saw many awesome shows) played lots of great old Grateful Dead while all this bowling etc took place. The alleys have screens above the pins for a good view of the stage from all lanes. It sounded like a cool scene to me so I visited BB's website and it turns out that they're the first totally "Green" Bowling alley ever! Very cool, and definitely carries on the tradition of Wetlands as New York Deadheads know. Seems like they like to put on some good music and I'll be checking them out sometime in the near future to see what's going on there.

Listening to the recording of this show makes me wish I went. Sounds nice to hear Bobby with his old buddy Rob Wasserman on Bass and Ratdog's Jay Lane on Drums. A nice trio of players who are very comfortable playing this stuff with each other. Bobby played mostly electric guitar, switching to acoustic on a few numbers. Wasserman playing his usual melodic Bass lines and Jay -no pin intended- Lane holding down the rhythm admirably, Scaring The Children has a nice intimate kind of sound that differs from the bigger band sound of Bob Weir and Ratdog, which sounds nice for a change.

Here's the setlist for you:
Scaring The Children 10/9/09 Brooklyn Bowl

Maggies Farm
Easy Answer
Loose Lucy
Black Bird*
Victim Or The Crime*
Desolation Row*
When I Paint My Masterpiece*
Even So
The Deep End
The Other One
Stuff W/ Joe Russo
Dear Prudence
Goin Down The Road Feeling Bad

*Bobby On Acoustic

Download The Show Here

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Once again a Happy Birthday to Bob Weir! See ya at the Beacon for Ratdog.

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