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Furthur Rehearsals and Furthurmore

Recently the Furthur rehearsals from January 2010 surfaced on I downloaded four of them and since have been checking out the Furthur Winter Tour shows from as well. Grate stuff! Phil Lesh, Bob Weir and the guys opened up their rehearsals for the public at The 142 Throckmorton Theatre in Mill Valley, CA, in no other than Bob Weir's neighborhood. The Throckmorton Theatre has a long history in Mill Valley dating back to 1915 when it was known as The Hub Theatre and showed Charlie Chaplin movies and live vaudeville. I couldn't find how many it seats on their website but am assuming it's quite small. This must have been very cool to see these rehearsals which really were more like shows when you listen to them. Each was about two hours long and are a compact "show". They worked up songs that they hadn't previously done like Comes A Time, Ryan Adam's Magnolia Mountain, Ratdog's Two Djin and Dylan's Silvio penned with Robert Hunter as well as Hurricane. The energy is great on these rehearsals and I recommend downloading them here.

142 Throckmorton Theatre

I've downloaded the whole Furthur tour so far up to Hampton, Va 2/12/10. I've only had a chance to listen to the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium Asheville NC 2/09/10 show. I was able to abscond with a soundboard of this show and that's why I skipped right to it. I don't have a hell of allot of time to listen to my music these days and basically listen in my car to and from work every day (maybe an hour) and sometimes at home when my Wii playing, homework doing, violin playing 9 year old girl and my wife are not around; which isn't often. So it takes me a long time to delve through a whole tour like that. Like last years Dead Spring Tour which I downloaded the whole tour. It took me till like mid-July to listen to all that music! It's allot of stuff to go through. Anyway, the one show I have listened to sounds so good. This band really eerily sounds so much like - dare I say it - The Grateful Dead. There I said it. John Kadlecik's playing in this band has become more confident and he's exploring places with his band mates which are fresh yet reminiscent of times past. His voice is so perfect for Jerry Garcia's songs it's uncanny. And Furthur is really starting to gel. Like anything Phil Lesh and Bob Weir do; Furthur is a quality product with great players and is developing into something very special indeed. Deadheads should be happy we have this band to go see. Let's enjoy it while it lasts. Thank You Phil and Bobby for a real good time!

I can't wait for my two Furthur shows at New York's Radio City Music Hall. Check back here for my reviews of them. In the mean time I hope to see ya there! You got to try and see a little Furthur.

Download the Furthur Shows Here

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